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Future students -
a message to you

Educational experiences and journeys are very different for each person. Despite what many people think or believe there is no one ideal way to prepare yourself for entry to higher education. For some people the pathway is straightforward: school, higher education and employment. Others take a more indirect pathway.

You may have been told or you may believe that because you have a criminal conviction, you cannot attend higher education. This is not true. A criminal conviction shouldn’t stop or discourage you from applying to higher education or furthering your education.

Education is an opportunity for people to enhance their lives and unlock their full potential, the potential of their family, friends and the potential of their community. In the next sections, we hope to give you an understanding of the higher and further education options available to you. We also aim to provide you with some information, resources and supports that are available in both text and podcast format. We hope this information will help you on your journey to higher or further education. The first important step we encourage you to take is to speak to the access office or student support centre in your chosen college or university. This is where you will receive information about the steps you need to take in order to enrol in your chosen institution.  




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KickStart Student

The KickStart Scholarship Fund is a newly established scholarship opening shortly that has been established by the Probation Service, and supported by the Irish Prison Service, to support persons with a criminal justice history who are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage to access Higher Education (HE). These scholarships meet a strategic objective of the Working to Change social enterprise and employment strategy 2021-2023 (


Student Stories 

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